I love speaking to groups of all sizes and am regularly seen around Bristol and the local area, talking about a wide variety of topics.

My favourite topics to speak on are:

  • Coding with WordPress
  • Project management
  • Working with clients and other humans
  • CSS and front-end development
  • Women in tech

Whatever I’m talking about people tell me they enjoy my friendly, relaxed style. I never shy away from honesty as I think that is an incredibly powerful thing to share. I often talk openly about my own mistakes or experiences – afterall, I am human!

If you’re running an event you’d like me to speak at or host a stage for, drop me a line.

My ready to go talks

These are the talks I’ve already given and are ready to go. I’m not fixed on giving these, and am open to putting something more bespoke together if you have a specific topic or requirement in mind.

Developer / technical topics

  • Using Bootstrap 4 with WordPress
  • An introduction to custom post types in WordPress
  • An introduction to the template hierarchy in WordPress
  • Developers, here’s what you need from your designer to make your front-end build easier
  • Horrible things I did when building my first WordPress websites

Project management topics

  • Should I poke the bear or stroke the bear: a guide to setting client expectations
  • Tips and tricks for managing WordPress projects
  • Project management 101 / an intro to project management
  • Smashing project delivery with agile techniques: getting started.
  • How do I tackle commissioning or planning to build a website

Other / personal

  • My life in code: how I became a WordPress developer
  • I’ve been a women in tech for nearly 20 years, how have things changed for me?

What other have to say


Here are the talks I've got lined up:

August 20, 2019

Smashing project delivery with agile techniques: getting started

Exeter WordPress meet-up

If you'd like to see what I've done in the past, you can follow the link below to see a list of the talks I've given.